Mail is Magic


Dive into a different aspect of mail art in each of the five episodes below!  Hosted by Madeline Garcia, MCBA’s Education and Community Engagement Coordinator, these 10-to-15-minute lessons cover everything from DIY envelopes to hand lettering and printmaking techniques. Madeline shares lots of inspiring examples and prompts to get you started.

Send your mail art to a loved one, or send it to us and be part of a pop-up window installation at MCBA! You’ll support the USPS while you’re at it. #MailedIt

In Lesson One: Envelopes, Madeline showed us how to make an envelope from scratch by folding any large photograph or paper sheet into nine sections.

In Lesson Two: Artistamps, Madeline showed us how to design a sheet of “artistamps,”which play off of real postage stamps for design inspiration.

In Lesson 3: Hand-Lettering in Mail Art, Madeline inspired viewers to create mail art composed entirely of letterforms (with the help of scissors, stickers, and colorful pens).

In Lesson 4: Rubber Stamp Carving, Madeline demonstrated how to carve your own stamp with an Xacto knife and a rubber eraser.

In Lesson 5: Collage & Found Objects, Madeline inspired us to repurpose paper scraps and found media into a mail art collage.